Magmaweld RS 500MW-5 (MIG/MAG Welding Machines)

Magmaweld RS 500MW-5 (MIG/MAG Welding Machines)
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  • Operates with 3 Phase 400V-50/60 Hz mains voltage and generators, tolerates voltage fluctuations up to 15%.
  • Excellent welding characteristics with all types of solid and flux cored wires with CO2 or Mix gases.
  • Separate wire feeding units are standard. Open Cabinet and Smaller Wire Feeding Units for 5 kg (D200) spools options are available.
  • 4 roll drive system offers good feedability with long torches and offers less deformation on soft wires such as aluminum and flux cored wires.
  • The Separate wire feeder standard harness length is 5 m and can be extended up to 30 m upon request.
  • Optimum welding parameters can be obtained from the printed table inside of the wire feed cover.
  • Wire feed speed and 2/4 trigger adjustments are on the front panel, Soft Start, Pre-Gas, Post-Gas, Burn-Back timer settings, manual wire feeding & gas valve buttons are inside of the wire feeding cabinet.
  • Welding voltage is adjusted from the course and fine switches; increments are optimized to obtain welding parameters with lowest spatter levels.
  • Digital displays on the power source for adjusting and monitoring of welding parameters.
  • Multiple workpiece connections (Inductance outlets) enables optimum parameter adjustment for low spatter welding.
  • ø300 mm, ø270 mm and ø200 mm spools and drums of any size can be used.
  • 220V AC outlet for CO2 gas heater.
  • Built in gas cylinder platform with large wheels to ease mobility in workshops.
  • Fan cooling and thermal protection against overheating.
  • For water-cooled (W) models, provides powerful water cooling up to 50 m distance and 40ºC ambient temperature.
  • Standard accessories come with the machine.


Power Source
Mains Voltage (3Ph) 400 V
Input Power 28.3 (%40) kVA
Welding Current Range 45 – 500 A
Nominal Welding Current 500 (%40) A
Open Circuit Voltage 19 – 53 V
Voltage Adjustment Steps 3 x 10
Dimensions (l x w x h) 1020 x 590 x 1515 mm
Weight (Net) 215 kg
Protection Class IP21
Wire Feeder System
Welding Wire Diameter 0.80 – 2.40 mm
Standard Roller Groove Size 1.00 – 1.20 mm
Wire Feeder Roller Diameter 4×37 mm
Wire Feeding Speed 1 – 24 m/dk
Torch Trigger Control 2 / 4
Spool Capacity 20 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 560 x 225 x 450 mm
Weight (Net) 25 kg
Water Cooling Unit
Cooling Power 2.11 kW
Dimensions (l x w x h) 770 x 490 x 280 mm
Weight (Net) 33.50 kg


Code Name Dimension Standard/Optional
7907000002 Gas Hose 2 Meters Standard
7905407005 Ground Clamp And Cable 70mm2/5mt (35 socket) Standard
7120050003 LAVA MIG 50W-3 450A (%100 CO2) – 3m Optional
7020009002 CO2 Heater MAGMAWELD(220V-75W) Optional
7020001005 CO2 Regulator W21,8×1/14” ALTTAN AYARLI Optional
7020001004 Argon Regulator G5/8” ALTTAN AYARLI Optional
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